You've got my vote, Julia. And my enthusiastic endorsement for everything you're saying about what earns the accolade of "interesting."

I have known people who, though young, could captivate by virtue of the insights they'd accrued, well worth investing hours in conversation. To be such a person, though, takes unusual intelligence and an assortment of other virtues out of fashion at this time: courage, humility, and genuine compassion.

But there's no substitute for experience, which means not only having had remarkable adventures, but having pondered what they meant and used that learning to compose a personal philosophy of life.

I am privileged to have known and numbered among my friends one Shirley "Dalia" Deane, whose memoire, "An Unreasonable Woman," was rejected by numerous publishers (who took it for a novel and judged it unbelievable) before being published by Kevin Watson, another friend, at Press 53. Her experiences don't quite reach the level of yours, but she did many similar things, and did them decades earlier.

Anyway, here's to you. And thank you for reminding me that "interesting times" need not be a curse.

Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee:

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