You're absolutely right, Don. The article is my opinion. It's a blogpost, not an study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

My opinions are not based on research, but they are informed by a PhD in Clinical Psychology, 30 years of experience in psychotherapy and diagnostics, extensive reading, and 68 years of living in what I presume to be the real world. But I don't tell anyone to believe me based on my credentials, preferring to let my arguments stand on their own merits. If you disagree with my conclusions, you are free to write a blogpost of your own. It's clear you have the writing skills so do so.

Yes, there are many shallow men who see women only as sexual opportunities, and many shallow women who are willing to take advantage of such men. I don't understand the phrase "at predatory levels," but it sounds like you are saying the predatory behavior is primarily on the women's side, and that it's extremely common, both of which conclusions sound suspiciously subjective to my ears.

Neither am I familiar with the "look at me" syndrome. As a writer, I absolutely do want people looking at my articles--that's what pays my bills--but I choose not to write a lot about myself. Judging from the number of followers I have accrued in 4 months of sporadic publishing on Medium, it would appear than many people find some value in my writings, which means I'm doing my job well.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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