You make several good points. I hope you will write and post some articles presenting them, so that others can benefit from your insights, and so that you can learn from the reactions of others besides me.

Do women really have no power other than what you name above?

As a writer, you have power. I believe creative power is more enduring than most other kinds, though its use is far more subtle and its impact slower to be felt.

As an individual participating in interpersonal relationships, you have power. The more another person cares about you, the more they value your good will and your opinions, the more they look to you for inspiration or guidance, the more you have the power to do good or evil.

I agree with your statement in this important way: Political and economic power (which I see as equivalent), in the world as presently constituted, are predicated on participation in the corrupt and patriarchal system that oppresses all of us. Capitalism sees any individual as having value only to the extent that that person can be useful to someone with more wealth. None of us will be free--there will be no true democracy--while the decisions that affect who lives and dies are made by money.

And I am honestly offended by your suggestion that I as a man "benefit" from being regarded as a potential threat by every woman who sees me. I understand you're saying I benefit by the relief those women feel when they realize I am not actually a thug or a rapist, but I am painfully aware of the air of suspicion that I have to overcome before I can form friendships with any person who isn't male, white, American, cisgendered, able-bodied, and near my age. The system privileges me in ways I do not want, and it makes me an object of fear among those I most want to befriend and learn from.

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