You have it right, my friend. We cannot help the way we feel. Few of us have gotten over the trauma of November 2016, the nausea of dread we felt, knowing what our country faced when led by someone neither intellectually nor temperamentally capable of meeting the demands of the office to which he'd been elected. But whatever we expected, however bad we imagined in our most pessimistic moments it could be, in truth it has been worse. Truly, in spite of all my philosophy, I must admit I hate that man.

But as much as I might wish for the poetic justice of him being treated with hydroxychloroquine and Clorox, I still want him to recover so that he can face at last the consequences of his crimes against humanity and against the country that so foolishly elected him. I want to see him leave the White House as a loser of historic proportions, lose his paper fortune when his favorite uncle Vladimir stops backing him, and lose his freedom when convicted of assorted felonies by the AG of New York. I wish for him a long life behind bars.

Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee:

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