This drew many sighs from me. Were you not so far away, I would uncork a bottle (I know you don't drink, so let it be the wine of metaphors) and laugh and sigh and maybe weep, comparing notes till well past both our bedtimes.

Yes, we all make choices. But we choose with knowledge incomplete, guided by the wisdom available to people who are very young. In what universe should children be held responsible for the consequences of every choice they make, sometimes not even knowing they are choosing?

The way I see it, shit just happens. We make meaning of it afterwards. Whatever fate may be, fair isn't part of it, so blaming wounded people for their own misfortune is a cruel joke. Almost as cruel as blaming young women for gambling on love.

My mother used to say, "How would things be if they weren't the way they are?" Her answer was only, "Different." Better? Who can say? Just different.

So have another glass of irony. Here's looking at you, kid.

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