The only thing that has shocked me in any of your writing has been your honesty, your willingness to be figuratively naked in a culture still largely ruled by prudes.

I get what you're saying about how such openness is going to make for awkward moments with IRL friends and family. But I'll bet, if you were to ask any of them 1-to-1, they'd admit that they admire your courage, pushing back against socially-programmed embarrassment.

Your dream of standing proudly in a gallery of photographs (or paintings) of your nude self is a perfect analogy for what you do. We all have bodies, and what's underneath our clothing is no secret, so why do we make a fetish of revealing them?

And we all have sexual urges, feelings, desires, and histories. The social pressure to pretend we don't, and with it the fear of being found in some way different, have for generations set us all up for all kinds of exploitation.

You are fighting back against the patriarchal establishment that wants to steal our sexuality and sell it back to us. Be proud. Be very proud.

Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee:

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