The issue is power. Our culture is obsessed with power--financial power, political power, and power through the media. The White patriarchal establishment clings to it with all their might, and the spoils of that power (as they see it) include access to any woman not already claimed by a male of equal status.

So that's what you're up against. And it riles them big time when you draw attention to your sexuality but deny their right of access. Even low-status males--guys who can't find girlfriends--don't see why a lonely woman would refuse them.

In a broader sense, you're making the kind of decisions nearly every writer has to make. Who dare I offend, and what price am I willing to pay for doing so? If I speak plainly, will my family disown me? Will I lose the job that lets me write or my reputation in the community? Might I get sued? Will publishers refuse to handle my work?

Like the rest of your supporters here, I think your voice is not just unique but terribly important. But I can't tell you what level of risk is acceptable, and I think you're wise to consider carefully how best to express your erotic ideas and sexual philosophy.

Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee:

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