Thank you, Mr. Wu, for this thoughtful analysis. I have nothing to contribute from a legal perspective, haven long since given up trying to think like an attorney, but perhaps a psychological perspective may be helpful.

It seems to me, we are dealing with at least two dynamisms. One is embodied by Wood and Powell, true believers, conspiracy theorists whose delusions would be grounds for commitment if not for the fact that they are supported by an entire ecosystem of like-minded people connected through the internet. They must believe the fantasies that they profess, (compared to which the Pastafarians are sober as the Quakers), or they would not be able to report them with a straight face in front of television cameras.

The other group, exemplified by Mr. Giuliani (and presumably by Mr. Chon before him), have no delusional beliefs because that have no beliefs at all. What they have instead is an obsession with power. It is not the most important thing in their world--it IS their world. Nothing else matters but to be near it, to be part of it, to experience it close up.

Both these groups are willing to serve Trump, a powerful paranoiac who would be in the second group if he had ever had the brain power to earn a law degree. He prefers them over competent representation because he can't tolerate being told there are laws he can't break, even laws of physics or of logic.

Far more dangerous than this clown car is our AG, whose silence lately demonstrates his sanity and self-preservatory instincts. I'd be interested in hearing your take on him. In a just world, he would face disbarment or worse for his corrupt dismantlement of the DOJ in service of the President, but I fear he will escape unscathed save for his reputation in honorable regions.

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