Thank you for this important reminder of what a difference it will make to have a sane, competent, compassionate, and pro-American individual occupying the Oval Office once again. Yes, it will be frustrating to have to wait for the progressive agenda that has been so long delayed, but that was going to have to wait anyway while Biden digs the country out from all the crap Trump leaves behind.

All 5 of the points you list are important, but the one I'm most looking forward to is the last. Trump has demonstrated just how important it is for us to have a functioning national government--not only a Justice Dept that prioritizes justice and a State Dept interested in promoting our real interests in the world, but competent leadership in the Depts of Education, HUD, EPA, USPS, and HHS.

And of course McConnell will obstruct, but I'll bet he'll go along with some basic measures to restart the economy.

The rest we can save for President Harris.

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