Thank you for the thoughtful and encouraging words, Floyd. And for the pretty picture. (No, not the one of money.)

I earned $2.65 in July, my first month of writing on Medium. It looks like I'm on track to bring in $20 or more this month, so I figure, if I can keep producing 3-4 articles a week, I may well reach that $100/mo. mark this fall, and maybe even have a writing income that will pay my rent sometime before I graduate next year.

One thing I've noticed, maybe you have, too. Even though I've had 5 of my submissions curated in topics (politics, justice, relationships, equality, poetry, maybe other topics), what builds my numbers of followers is highlighting and commenting on other writers' work. Several of my comments have garnered more fans than all but the most popular of my articles.

Oh, about the picture--I'm not saying that the cherry blossoms are what caught my eye, but they do seem to be out in profusion. Would I be safe in assuming you took this shot in Japan?

Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee:

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