So do I, though packaged and branded sex is less a danger than Fox-brand truth.

Porn sells because there is a market for it. And reading some of the writers (in this pub especially) makes it clear that the market includes roughly equal shares of men and women.

I don't want to judge it, since there's so much I don't understand about it. I know it's an industry within which many women are terribly exploited, but it has also offered economic opportunity for some women and couples, and I don't want to diss sex workers.

What bothers me most is how much bad sex (and how little good acting) is in the videos. You mentioned that several times in your diary. There are some channels devoted to romantic sex between people who look like they actually care about each other's pleasure and happiness, but too many play to male fantasy tropes.

In writing, a distinction is made between erotica and pornography. I predict that distinction will become a thing in film also.

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