Obviously fiction, since I understand it. Of course, I'm on my own 3rd glass of spirits, so there's that.

Here's the problem, which I'll show as an analogy: The worst insult to any writer is, "Cliche!" To a mathematician, "Trivial!" And to really hurt the feelings of a physicist, listen to his explanation and then tell him, "That makes sense!"

Never mind that cat that is and isn't purring, he/she is completely reasonable, Cheshire grin and all, compared to quarks, the blocks from which whatever is, is built. Because those quarks have this annoying habit of just ceasing to exist, a habit they engage in approximately one gagillion times a second (more or less), and then returning. Just. because. they. can.

You (or he) may call it a unified theory of everything. I call it, clean-up on aisle 9.

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