It isn't easy, learning when (and how) NOT to engage. I think you analyzed the issue well, the way you laid it out here.

Some trolls are easily spotted and dismissed, especially the ones who haven't even read your story carefully enough to understand the points you're making.

But others offer, mixed in with their barbs, just enough of what just might be good-faith arguments deserving of an answer.

My preferred response to those is to suggest they put their talking points into an article and publish it for everyone to read. Calling, as it were, their bluff, since I really think all they want to do is snipe from the sidelines.

Being steeped in lifelong privilege--white, male, cis, able, everything but wealthy--I can only guess at your experience. I hate it that you still have to contend with institutionalized bias of all kinds, every single day. That you have to work so much harder to be heard--even when your words are eloquent, insightful, and important--than anyone who looks like me.

FWIW, I definitely value your voice and your perspective. As you are not like me, you can teach me what the world looks like through othered eyes. And as you are exactly like me in the ways that really matter, you can share the wisdom that is uniquely Leigh.

Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee:

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