It burns me up to hear men gripe about how badly they get treated in divorce court. Not that it never happens that way, but the system still is rigged in favor of the men in many ways.

Remember, justice nearly always favors money, and the economic system in pretty much every nation values men over women.

Men make more money in their jobs. They can afford higher-priced attorneys and accountants, who advise them how to hide a lot of their assets before the community property is divided. Then the attorneys drag the process out with continuations, knowing the woman can't afford to wait, until she's finally forced to settle for far less in distribution of assets and spousal/child support than she would be entitled to if justice were honestly rendered.

Alimony (spousal support) is no longer automatic; in many states it's only awarded if one party can prove the other guilty of abuse, adultery, or abandonment.

Worst of all is child support, which if awarded may not be paid. In order to get out of paying child support, many men now ask for split physical custody (typically alternating weeks), which is popular with judges but seldom healthy for children, especially young ones.

Broken homes are hard on everybody, but divorce is much harder on women than on men. So for a woman to request it, the marriage has to be even worse.

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