If there was ever any doubt that we are kindred spirits, this removes it.

Maybe it's because I spent so many years living around really bad housekeepers (who would seemingly come along behind me to undo my efforts at straightening and tidying), but I take real delight in keeping my space neat and organized. I'm also (for a cis male) shockingly domestic--original art on most of my walls, homemade spice rack on the wall near the stove, curtains hung on oak brackets of my own creation, furniture handmade or else good-quality secondhand, and front porch full of flowerpots and hanging baskets since my soil won't support a vegetable garden.

All of this was just for me, in a rented house for my term in grad school, though my 30yo son has lately joined me.

My home, as much as anything I do, is who I am.

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