Helen O'Connell, an Australian urologist, described the anatomy of the clitoris in 1998, shocking most of the world who "knew" it was a tiny organ in comparison to the penis. Hers wasn't the first accurate report--other studies had been published going back into the mid 1800s, but O'Connell's went into more depth and got a lot more publicity. NY Artist Naomi Wallace launched a project in 2017 called Cliteracy 101, featuring posters, neon lights, and copious information to dispel the myths that still are prevalent. Wallace also created a giant golden model of the glorious organ, large enough to ride, that was the center of attraction in her Clit Rodeo.

Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, MFA candidate. Buy me coffee: ko-fi.com/edrobson. ecrobson@gmail.com

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