Another winner, Sarah!

You know where I stand on all of this. Consent must be explicit and enthusiastic to be meaningful.

I don't do Tinder. (Duh, I'm 68.) But from all I hear and read, it really seems like there is an assumption on that platform, that you wouldn't be there if you weren't looking for someone to have sex with. Not necessarily right now, but pretty soon, if the chemistry is right.

And since we're both here on the platform, meaning we're both interested, then why not right now? How well do we really need to know each other to do this?

You touch on another important point, that alcohol is not the only chemical that impairs our ability to give meaningful consent. Hormones can be equally intoxicating.

I've told many students and therapy clients never to make any important decision after the sun goes down, because things will make sense at midnight that will not make sense in daylight.

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